Raspberry Pi IoT project

Ahh ok so it just needed a script run that slept for 15 seconds and then pressed F11 for full screen kiosk modeĀ using xautomation in ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart
Now I just have to write the html for the menu. ohh maybe i could take the data from the sensor in the greenhouse and display it on the screen and control a fan to evacuate excess heat any time the temp raises above a fixed number.

what’s wrong with this picture?

got that old gateway 2000 laptop connected to my raspberry pi ‘workpi’ over the serial console via gpio pins and a rs232-TTL converter module. now I can access the raspberry pi over telix on the old PC laptop and download any old stuff from my archives over zmodem using the sz command from the command line. basically just browse about and download whatever I need. in this case as a example I downloaded and opened in Msdos editor some scripts I modified from adafruit examples for a temperature and humidity sensor. probably an early version of the one I eventually used for my indoor greenhouse/humidity tent I grow little colorful tropical plants in which reminds me of where I lived in miami. it’s going to be very important once it gets cold outside again with the gray skies.

Retro day

setup a serial connection between a lubuntu netbook w/USB serial port running dosbox and an old gateway 2000 laptop running win 3.1 so hopefully I could transfer a bunch of retro software onto it and run it on native hardware but it appears I need a better null modem cable because I’m getting transfer errors like mad even though stuff is getting through. laplink 5 found it too unreliable and using telix with zmodem seems to be the only thing that can deal with that many data errors.