A North America filled with alligators?

As the winter pulls back and becomes more moderate across north america, how much will the habitable range of the american alligator expand?

An article this week
mentioned that alligators are beginning to head north into Tennessee. The question is, is this part of their normal historical range or because the winters are growing more mild?

as the winters get milder and milder, how far can they transverse north on waterways? what will surprise people. what are the limits to their cold hardiness?

a mississippi full of gators or does that already exist? the great lakes full of gators?

probably just recovering their historical range
its a good question though, what is their historical range and if it was too cold to support them there before, what will their new habitable range be in the future?
Alligators are the closest thing to a modern cold tolerant crocodilian. Need to expand back to historic range. Then farther. Rewild them everywhere.
as the winters get milder and milder, how far can they transverse north on waterways? what will surprise people. what are the limits to their cold hardiness?
a mississippi full of gators or does that already exist? the great lakes full of gators?
ok so thats historical. MORE. how far north can they go as the climate warms
so tennessee is not part of the historical range. technically it could be because tennessee’s winters are getting more mild
nobody else wants to extrapolate out into this future do they??
i want great lakes gators. canadian gators. go all the way
Brian Lavin Chris Hind the cool thing is they terraform making pits that hold water etc. So they’ll bring a specific environment. Plus I wonder if they’ll eventually go more terrestrial if they have to walk more. A few terestrial crocs almost made it to modern times.

wait till they get to kentucky and occupy the flooded areas from beavers. and then youll have gators gulping down beavers
nature is dynamic and adaptable. its not static, its not a china cabinet. extrapolating out the consequences of the winter pulling back is fascinating
The American Croc will do better as well as more brackish/salt shoreline becomes habitible.
well if the ocean begins to rise it will colonize all that flooded housing habitat on the southern end of florida
it will be mangroves, casuarinas and american croc nests
Brian Lavin Chris Hind its just the return of all the stuff that got jammed into South Florida and managed to survive. Hopefully the Rio Grande Valley stuff expands North too but not sure that’s possible yet.

In Praise of clutter

I was reading an article on Twitter this morning that is considering a new redesign of Gmail with an emphasis on minimalism again. I really hated the minimalism of Apple products and I really just like how the contagion has spread to many facets of the tech industry. Some of us enjoy complexity. We are the people who have our desktops covered in icons. A multitude of features is more important than lack of clutter. Give us helicopter cockpits and Victorian clutter aesthetic. Bargain bins and bazaars lure me and stimulate my imagination and thought processes. There’s a saying that goes “a clean desk is an empty mind”. Creativity is messy like paint on a canvas.

The Florida effect

So this morning I hear meowing in the other room and my brother comes out and goes the computer and says the Cat broke its leg. And he’s looking up doctors online and I say pretty random and he’s all yeah Florida.

Now they hopped in the car and drove off to see the vet but I want to say to him so I’m not crazy? You see it too. There’s something almost Supernatural about the weird source of bad luck that happen here in Florida. You can take any device any process or procedure to Florida from a different place and it will fail in bizarre ways that you could have never fathomed. You can design something in Seattle and bring it here to Florida and it will have errors and dysfunction in ways you could have never comprehended or expected. It’s bizarre it’s almost Supernatural and when I worked for Boeing I used to joke that’s the campus was built on an Indian burial ground because there was no other explanation Bizarre things would happen.

Now I am not by any means religious or spiritual but I’ve always had a difficulty coming to terms with this. I keep telling myself there must be some logical skeptical explanation rational explanation. And I keep searching for it.

Carl Hiaasen made his living documenting the strangeness of this place and Dave Berry the popular Miami Herald columnist called it’s the DeSillers effect. Many people have known and observed this phenomena. Some people have jokingly referred to it as the Bermuda Triangle but the fact of the matter is it remains and someone needs to do a systematic study to try to figure out why it occurs. Is it excess static from all the thunderstorms or the geology that results in electronics failures? But that doesn’t explain all the other weird bad luck occurrences period a religious or spiritual person would tack it all up to evil spirits but I don’t believe in any of that. So until that day we find an explanation I’m at a loss to explain it all I can do is warn people the things here do not function like they do elsewhere. Theory follows observation not the other way around. We just need to figure out how to explain the phenomena.


the dotcom era vs now

What was great about the internet in the 90s and 2000’s was that it wasn’t a popularity contest. It was an intellectual space. Now it’s become the popularity contest of popularity contests. I’m an introverted geek I’ve been rejecting popularity contests my entire life

This is probably precisely the reason I need to get to Asia. I find myself saying things like I wish I were a young Indian student working on augmented reality projects like I did last night. There are young people overseas working on extremely sophisticated projects and new technologies and the vast majority of the stuff is going on in other languages and it’s sneaking up on America while America holds their popularity contests. I guess it’s a good thing in a way because inevitably the people who are working hardest and studying to be the most brilliant will win in the end but fuck if the states isn’t going to be a wasteland when the reality finally hits

Heading abroad again

So yeah I’m booked for
Orlando – San Jose Costa Rica – Sept 9-27
Orlando – Beijing – Sept 28
Both tickets paid for by that eclipse return flight voucher
Not sure where from Beijing. Philippines? Phnom Penh? Bangkok and then by land to Sihounikville?
I have to investigate the 72 hr beijing china visa too.
If i lived anywhere in the states it would be here but I keep feeling like I’m getting pushed in the direction of ‘out there’.
and i suppose i could always come back and buy a motorbike.

facebook has changed

facebook isnt about learning anymore. its about propaganda and ramming orders or ideology down others throats. when i contribute interesting information to the conversation it only irritates people. especially if i have examples of something being done differently in another part of the world. they dont care. they want it done their way and my example doesnt fit the way they want it done even if it was solved better somewhere else.

its strange because sometimes it feels like im the only thinking human around and everyone else is a NPC (nonplayable character) because they cant see outside their role and borrow ideas from other places its already being done better

i guess Think Different was only an apple motto and in retrospect super ironic coming from them

miami and singapore. two places that were both mangrove islands and could learn so much from each other. asia has an interesting cultural trait (buddhist?) where people buy animals in stores and release them into the wild but they also use invasive plants to mop up nutrient waste and phytoremediate whole areas. conversely theyre strict on a whole set of things we arent like we dont need permits to hike mangrove forests and we have people calling for the death of all feral cats due to the amount of wildlife they kill. these two places are so different culturally but climate and ecosystem wise so similar but you bring the pros or cons of one place or the other into a conversation and nobody cares. they just want to keep seeing their way as the only way something can be done. its become propaganda instead of problem solving and learning.

i am the only real thinking person here. nobody can see outside their character role…
when facts of something working elsewhere are an annoyance…

dont be fat

Apparently leaving the country is the only way I can not be fat

To stay thin in the states requires a tremendous amount of willpower I will never have.
I’ve tried my entire life.
I know what I can and cannot do and I cannot stay thin in America on the food here.
Even people who think they are a normal weight are fat compared to people overseas.

It isn’t apparent until you look at stadiums from the fifties and sixties that haven’t ever had their seats changed and see how small those seats are.
Like the Marine Stadium in Miami.
Those seats are about the right size for people in Thailand and Philippines but not Americans anymore.
Our idea of normal weight has gone up but it’s not accurate

Also inflammation. I’m seeing all sorts of inflammation of all sorts of weird health quirks that I had before I left the states all coming back . even on a healthy diet.

Guys, it’s the food here. it’s poison. It’s a revolving shell game of what’s safe to eat and what’s not safe and if you aren’t on top of it with all your effort you’re fucked. You have to turn food into an obsession into a hobby if you plan to win that game and I simply don’t want to spend that much mental energy on it