The Florida effect

So this morning I hear meowing in the other room and my brother comes out and goes the computer and says the Cat broke its leg. And he’s looking up doctors online and I say pretty random and he’s all yeah Florida.

Now they hopped in the car and drove off to see the vet but I want to say to him so I’m not crazy? You see it too. There’s something almost Supernatural about the weird source of bad luck that happen here in Florida. You can take any device any process or procedure to Florida from a different place and it will fail in bizarre ways that you could have never fathomed. You can design something in Seattle and bring it here to Florida and it will have errors and dysfunction in ways you could have never comprehended or expected. It’s bizarre it’s almost Supernatural and when I worked for Boeing I used to joke that’s the campus was built on an Indian burial ground because there was no other explanation Bizarre things would happen.

Now I am not by any means religious or spiritual but I’ve always had a difficulty coming to terms with this. I keep telling myself there must be some logical skeptical explanation rational explanation. And I keep searching for it.

Carl Hiaasen made his living documenting the strangeness of this place and Dave Berry the popular Miami Herald columnist called it’s the DeSillers effect. Many people have known and observed this phenomena. Some people have jokingly referred to it as the Bermuda Triangle but the fact of the matter is it remains and someone needs to do a systematic study to try to figure out why it occurs. Is it excess static from all the thunderstorms or the geology that results in electronics failures? But that doesn’t explain all the other weird bad luck occurrences period a religious or spiritual person would tack it all up to evil spirits but I don’t believe in any of that. So until that day we find an explanation I’m at a loss to explain it all I can do is warn people the things here do not function like they do elsewhere. Theory follows observation not the other way around. We just need to figure out how to explain the phenomena.

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