the dotcom era vs now

What was great about the internet in the 90s and 2000’s was that it wasn’t a popularity contest. It was an intellectual space. Now it’s become the popularity contest of popularity contests. I’m an introverted geek I’ve been rejecting popularity contests my entire life

This is probably precisely the reason I need to get to Asia. I find myself saying things like I wish I were a young Indian student working on augmented reality projects like I did last night. There are young people overseas working on extremely sophisticated projects and new technologies and the vast majority of the stuff is going on in other languages and it’s sneaking up on America while America holds their popularity contests. I guess it’s a good thing in a way because inevitably the people who are working hardest and studying to be the most brilliant will win in the end but fuck if the states isn’t going to be a wasteland when the reality finally hits

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