facebook has changed

facebook isnt about learning anymore. its about propaganda and ramming orders or ideology down others throats. when i contribute interesting information to the conversation it only irritates people. especially if i have examples of something being done differently in another part of the world. they dont care. they want it done their way and my example doesnt fit the way they want it done even if it was solved better somewhere else.

its strange because sometimes it feels like im the only thinking human around and everyone else is a NPC (nonplayable character) because they cant see outside their role and borrow ideas from other places its already being done better

i guess Think Different was only an apple motto and in retrospect super ironic coming from them

miami and singapore. two places that were both mangrove islands and could learn so much from each other. asia has an interesting cultural trait (buddhist?) where people buy animals in stores and release them into the wild but they also use invasive plants to mop up nutrient waste and phytoremediate whole areas. conversely theyre strict on a whole set of things we arent like we dont need permits to hike mangrove forests and we have people calling for the death of all feral cats due to the amount of wildlife they kill. these two places are so different culturally but climate and ecosystem wise so similar but you bring the pros or cons of one place or the other into a conversation and nobody cares. they just want to keep seeing their way as the only way something can be done. its become propaganda instead of problem solving and learning.

i am the only real thinking person here. nobody can see outside their character role…
when facts of something working elsewhere are an annoyance…

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