dont be fat

Apparently leaving the country is the only way I can not be fat

To stay thin in the states requires a tremendous amount of willpower I will never have.
I’ve tried my entire life.
I know what I can and cannot do and I cannot stay thin in America on the food here.
Even people who think they are a normal weight are fat compared to people overseas.

It isn’t apparent until you look at stadiums from the fifties and sixties that haven’t ever had their seats changed and see how small those seats are.
Like the Marine Stadium in Miami.
Those seats are about the right size for people in Thailand and Philippines but not Americans anymore.
Our idea of normal weight has gone up but it’s not accurate

Also inflammation. I’m seeing all sorts of inflammation of all sorts of weird health quirks that I had before I left the states all coming back . even on a healthy diet.

Guys, it’s the food here. it’s poison. It’s a revolving shell game of what’s safe to eat and what’s not safe and if you aren’t on top of it with all your effort you’re fucked. You have to turn food into an obsession into a hobby if you plan to win that game and I simply don’t want to spend that much mental energy on it

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