fun with unity physics

trying all sorts of physics combinations and object interaction and manipulation in unity. was playing around with lack of gravity when i tied the camera to an object and reminded me of the gravity movie so i got a earth-stars skybox and dropped in steam vr and made precisely that. then spent my time building a spacecraft out of cubes and having it travel around in orbit.



took me all day because i’m a unity rookie but finally got the bluetooth controller to control something on the app and ran it on the droid and the script worked as expected. top bluetooth button changes the capsule red and bottom changes it green. now to see if i can make this into a teleport

not waiting around for google daydream

this cheap ($3.78 on dealextreme) bluetooth selfie camera trigger with two buttons i picked up when backpacking around thailand. using an android app called keyboard helper demo and the instructions to remap the buttons to keys here

i’m attempting to create a handheld remote for google vr (formerly cardboard) unity apps. in this photo i have the device paired, the larger button keycode 115 remapped to the w key where i hopefully should be able to use it for input in unity to control a modified headset gaze pointer script to trigger a teleport. maybe bring up a menu screen with the second button.